Getting a client into treatment with a Doctor upon diagnosis is of the utmost importance and often, clients do not know how to navigate a system that requires a lot out of them. Our role is to set clients up with a doctor’s appointment and accompany them to their initial appointment, and further appointments if necessary.

In many instances, once a client has been linked to medical care, they do well to keep up with appointments on their own. Others need a little more help. In the Ryan White Part D Program, We follow clients for as long as 6 months.

Eligible members of the Part D program are either newly HIV+ diagnosed needing to be linked to doctor’s care for the first time, or people who have not seen a doctor in at least 6 months and wish to get Back to Care.

1. Youth (male and female) between the ages of 13-24
2. Women 25 years old and over
3. Transgendered persons (male to female, or female to male), any age.

Anyone matching these requirements with a diagnosis of HIV+, please call Sylvia Delossantos for assistance at 210.212.2266 (office) or 210.275.4071 (cell). You may also write to [email protected] to receive assistance.